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Purple Crowd
Disco Ball

DJ Texas Bullrider
80's and KPOP Hour

Saturdays 2PM CDT

Super B's Oldies Hour

Tues & Thurs

12:00PM CDT

Spotlight Hour
with Angel & Tara

Mondays 6:00PM CDT

DJ's Crowd
On Stage


Rock's Soft Rock 8:00PM CDT Mondays

Rock's Rock Golden Years 7:00PM CDT Tuesdays 

Rock's Rock Themes 7:00PM CDT Wednesdays

Rock's Alphabet 7:00PM CDT Thursdays

Rock's Power 7:00PM CDT Fridays

Rock's Rock Cover 7:00PM CDT Saturdays

Rock's Rock Show 7:00PM CDT Sundays

Gordon Cooper

11:00A CDT

Electric 80's Monday

Vowels Tuesday

1 Hit Wonders Wednesday

Sensational 70's Thursday

Swinging 60's Friday

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